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Osteopathy is a therapeutic approach that includes three spheres: musculoskeletal with its manual mobilizations, myofascial relaxation techniques and fascia work, the visceral sphere which consists in relaxing the tensions of the organs by gentle mobilizations, then the sphere. cranial which includes very precise and soft correction techniques as well as intra-oral techniques to harmonize the entire sphere.

Osteopathy is generally based on four fundamental principles: Self-healing which is based on the concept that the body has the ability to heal itself of its dysfunctions through a first corrective gesture on the part of the osteopath. Secondly, the unity of the body which consists in considering the body as a whole. Thirdly, the structure governs the function, which means that if the structure (for example a muscle) is in osteopathic dysfunction, its function (thus the movement, the support etc.) will be altered and vice versa. In the very last, the artery is supreme which consists in understanding the importance of the fluidic balance of the body, as much of the arteries, the veins as the lymphatic channels.

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Based on a painless approach, based on listening to the body, Jani relies mainly on myofascial release techniques and gentle mobilizations to relax muscles and help relieve tension. She uses visceral and cranial techniques of course to harmonize the body or to treat specific problems.


A graduate of the IEOQ (Institute of Education of Osteopathy of Quebec) since 2017, Jani Pinet is also a graduate in Massage Therapy (Swedish Massage) of the Academy of Scientific Massage since 2016. She is part of the Society of Osteopaths Quebec and my network more (massage therapy). She also holds a BA in Psychology from Concordia University and a Certificate in Gerontology from the University of Montreal.

Desiring to specialize in the treatment of fibromyalgia, Jani did a small preliminary study during the writing of her final dissertation. So far, with the treatment of three fibromyalgia patients, it has been found that myofascial loosening treatments are at the heart of the treatment and that it has even been possible with a patient to remove pain from the hands. It remains to determine the duration of non-pain in the patient and try to reproduce this effect on other patients(es) and other areas of the body.

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